I just recorded a new DJ Mix with some awesome tracks, that bring the feeling of 70s and 80s discotéques to the present.


You can listen to it on mixcloud or on soundcloud.

Manic! by Thomas Neonhellner on Mixcloud


1. DJ Mehdi – Pocket piano (Joakim Remix)
2. Peter & The Magician – Twist (Jerry Bouthier Edit)
3. Yuksek – Mister Dangerous
4. Jupiter – Mama used to Say
5. Miami Horror – Moon Theory (Punks Jump Up Remix)
6. Monsieur Adi – Fire Fire Fire (Visitor Remix)
7. Crystal Castles – Vietnam
8. Michael Jackson – Thriller (Louis LaRoche Remix)
9. Hot Pink Delorean – Miami Snatch
10. Yuksek – On a train (The Magician Remix)
11. Justice – Helix
12. Chromeo – Night by Night
13. Sound of Arrows – Into the clouds (Fear of Tigers Remix)


Glitch is one of my favourite VST plugins by far. I haven’t even begun to understand all the possibilities this fine piece of software holds.¬† Load it onto an audio track and the random setting shows you its power. With full MIDI control and saveable patterns it is also an awesome tool for liveperformances.


I didn’t use it extensively in the following track, just to transform the bass sound and seperate it.


But for the next one, I will go deeper into the single effects.


… a group of people brought together by their love for video game culture. And the following sound bite is the signation I made for our video blog.


Hear the signation in use here: (video in german)

The alpha…

Lets start this blog of with two little tracks I made. The first is a signation for a tv or radio show that never aired. The second is a remix of a barbershop song of the 1940s. Enjoy! :)


On this blog, I will be documenting my progress in producing electronic music by providing samples, describing instruments and plugins and telling you about the people that inspire me.