Et justice pour tous.

  Justice played in vienna last thursday, and despite many opinions I thought it was godly. Just awesome. Yes, they overdid “We are your friends”, their debut hit-remix from the Simian song, and the encore was just a repetition of stuff they played before. Nevertheless, the live-arrangement of their new record mixed together with their already classics, like Phantom... Read More


Even in the small town of Linz people rallied on the streets to protest the ratification of ACTA by the austrian government. A few impressions can be found over here  Read More

Colt Seavers Connection

For the next two weeks starting two days ago, I am having the honour of being the personal technical assistant of my friends from Colt. They are recording their next EP and it’s going to be good, oh so good. You can read their recording diary on their site or follow the link. Some of the pics I took myself.  Read More

Next steps

Even though SOPA and PIPA took a hit yesterday, US federal agencies shut down Megaupload, one of the biggest filesharing sites. But the internet is a wonderful thing, that’s hard to handle. So it seems that Megaupload already has a new IP, and knowledge about it spreads happily over Facebook and Twitter, like a slap in the face of the US government. There is still a chance,... Read More

End Liberty?

The fight against the piracy of intellectual property and a flourishing internet don’t have to oppose each other. With a well thoughtout legislation both can be accomplished. But this is not the case with the current state of SOPA and PIPA, which handed big corporations powerful tools to use at their own will. Thankfully, through yesterdays worldwide protests, some senators... Read More