After 10 years of djing in my hometown, I think the time has finally come to venture forth into the mists of producing. In 2001 I bought my first set of turntables, belt-driven Reloops, in a chrome finish with blue LEDs and a matching Reloop 2 channel mixer and I loved it. But soon I realized, that these turntables wouldn’t do me any good, if I wanted to become better, so I saved for direct-driven ones. First a JB Systems Q20, which would then be accompanied by a Technics 1210 MK2, and soon be replaced by a second 1210er. Those still serve me well, though they get mostly timecode vinyls nowadays, controlled by Traktor Scratch Pro 2.

Besides being a solo DJ under the handle Neonhellner, I am also a part of ‘Die Batterie Bande’ (The Battery Pack), a DJ-Team with DJs Skill and Woefi here in Linz. Now I’m starting music production under the handles Neonhellner and Allergies.

This blog will document my path from a production noob without style and technical knowledge to whatever may come of it. Be it fortune and glory (or utter failure). I will write about the little steps along the way, techniques I learn, music that inspires me, things I steal and people i respect and adore.

My equipment at the moment consists of a PC with Ableton Live 8, an AKai APC 40, an Oxygen 25 Midikeyboard, a Clavia Nord Rack 2, and the M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB Interface. The rest will be accomplished by virtual instruments and plugins for the time being.

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