Live Stream on

For some time I’ve been looking for a simple solution to get some DJ Sets of mine out to the public, and while mixcloud or soundcloud (except the little diskspace) are great for prerecorded stuff, I wanted something a bit more direct.

I didn’t want to setup my own server, and was rather looking for a free online service.
The first one I tried was mixlr, but that was soon abandonded again, because the soundquality of the free service seemed pretty lackluster, and I didnt want to get an expensive subscription just to try it out.

Then it hit me. Why not use a video streaming service, maybe I can hook up a camera as well in the future. Having had good experiences with and for videogame streams, I installed the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and started stream.

From now on you can find me regularly on for some live DJ action.

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