Et justice pour tous.


Justice played in vienna last thursday, and despite many opinions I thought it was godly. Just awesome.

Yes, they overdid “We are your friends”, their debut hit-remix from the Simian song, and the encore was just a repetition of stuff they played before.

Nevertheless, the live-arrangement of their new record mixed together with their already classics, like Phantom and D.A.N.C.E is just epic. They deliver exactly what I expect from a DJ/Producer-into-Rockband-act. Big gestures, blown-up light effects, cocky attitude and a sound that brings the best of Italo-Disco into modern techno.

Being a producer team that wants to be a band isn’t easy. You don’t want to be the guy, that looks like he’s checking emails on his laptop. Daft Punk or the Chemical Brothers have already shown, that an interesting stage design and big visuals are definitely necessary to make a good show. But Justice already know pretty well what they are doing. The moment the cross symbol started moving to the side to make way for the backlit keyboards, Xavier moving to the front, sitting down, with his back to the crowd, perfect. Even if it just prolonged the running gag from “A Cross the Universe”.

I don’t doubt for a second that there are still big things to come from Justice, and I can’t wait.

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