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For some time I’ve been looking for a simple solution to get some DJ Sets of mine out to the public, and while mixcloud or soundcloud (except the little diskspace) are great for prerecorded stuff, I wanted something a bit more direct.

I didn’t want to setup my own server, and was rather looking for a free online service.
The first one I tried was mixlr, but that was soon abandonded again, because the soundquality of the free service seemed pretty lackluster, and I didnt want to get an expensive subscription just to try it out.

Then it hit me. Why not use a video streaming service, maybe I can hook up a camera as well in the future. Having had good experiences with and for videogame streams, I installed the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and started stream.

From now on you can find me regularly on for some live DJ action.

Der Mob picknickt

derMob – Das Picknick Promo 2013 from klausn on Vimeo.

DerMob is playing a show at the Donaupavillon in Linz this weekend. Six fantastic upperaustrian bands will make this hot summer afternoon even hotter. And at night I’m playing the aftershow party at the Gasthaus Schön, Tabakfabrik. Should all heavens break loose and a thunderstorm hit, we’ll party through the night at the “Grand Hotel zum Rothen Krebsen”

See you there!

btw Roland Schmidt and I made the music for this little promo clip on our alter egos “Deadschn”


It’s a slow thursday night, and I don’t want to sleep. So I turn and press random knobs and buttons on my Nord Rack 2. What came out sounds like an electric distorted thunderstorm, and I kind of like it. Don’t know what I’m going to do with it though. If you like it, feel free to use it. ;)
Electric Storm by Thomas Neonhellner

Hostage Edit

I really liked Hostages Track “Take You” . Well, at least parts of it. What are you supposed to do, if you think a bassline would kill on the dancefloor, but it is just to short. So I started cutting it into pieces and rearrange it a little to prolong the pleasure. I am going to test it this weekend, see if people like it, or if it’s just me.

Hostage – take you (neonhellner edit) by Thomas Neonhellner


Minimal Set

I recorded a short minimal techno set last night. You can listen to it on mixcloud.

Minimal Session Dec’11 by Thomas Neonhellner on Mixcloud